Friday, August 31, 2012

GSoC Experience

I successfully completed my Google Summer of Code  project. I developed REST interface for Libcloud. More information about my project  you can found on GitHub.

This was my first year as Google Summer of Code Student and my first experience working with open source community. As for me GSoC is very interesting thing that I can do during the summer. It was a privilege to work as GSoC student for ASF (Apache Software Foundation). Community helped me a lot  and especially my mentor (Tomaz Muraus).  I’m very thankful to Google and ASF for such great opportunity.

My mentor had been very helpful throughout the program. By nature I’m an night owl. Time difference between me and my mentor was nearly 12 hours, so my day regimen had gradually changed to night.  I used to talk to him nearly every day and he was always ready to give me useful hints. I liked PyCharm and asked him about open source license for our project, soon I had a licensed PyCharm for developing. He was very friendly, helped me with improving my code and  teached me best practices, I had learned a lot from my mentor.  It was a pleasure and honors working with him. I think that having such superb mentor is key to achieving good results in GSoC. I would like to say thank you to Tomaz Muraus for your excellent support and mentoring me.

I completed the mandatory tasks during GSoC. Some goals are reached and it’s time to define  new. I’m looking forward to implementing extra functionality and working with the community in the future.

I just want to say thanks to all who taken part in GSoC organization again for giving me such opportunity to participate in GSoC. GSoC is remarkable experience for me.  I realized that I can elaborate in open source projects and really enjoyed work on my project.